About The InvisiVAD T-Shirt
Discreetly Designed Medical Accessories Introduces the The Billingslea Invisible LVAD T-Shirt, also known as the  INVISIVAD T-SHIRT.  The InvisiVad T-Shirt was designed for  my husband who was implanted with the HeartMate II (Left Ventricular Assist Device System) LVAD or heart pump in August 2012.  When he was in rehabilitation, I realized that he slumped when he used the holster that was provided for patients implanted with the LVAD.  The equipment weighing eight pounds was heavy and impacted his walking and made it difficult for him to maintain his balance.  It was then that I knew that he needed something to conceal the equipment, and, at the same time be something that would allow him to maintain his dignity. Thus, the InvisiVad T-Shirt was designed.
The InvisiVad T-Shirt is tailored to discreetly and securely conceal the batteries, controller and cords, (all of the equipment that make up the LVAS System) inside customized pockets made into the shirt. The InvisiVad T-Shirt is unisex and can be comfortably worn under shirts, suits,  sweaters, and dresses.    
Detailed and customized battery and controller pockets designed to house the batteries and controller are made with velcro fasteners instead of zippers allowing for easy access for the wearer.  The battery pockets which are located on each side of the T-Shirt provide secure closure. A customized pocket encasement located on the lower front center of the shirt for the controller ensures stability and durability.
Both battery and controller cords fit snugly into tailored pockets so they will not become entangled with other objects that can become hazardous for the LVAD wearer. Patented light weight construction of concealed equipment allows for equal distribution of the LVAD system leading to better mobility for the wearer.   The INVISIVAD T-SHIRT encourages better posture and causes less strain on other parts of the body.   My husband enjoys wearing the T-Shirt and it has given him the confidence that he needs to get back into society and wear clothes that he enjoyed wearing before the surgery.
For information on the INVISIVAD T-SHIRT contact:   JANICE BILLINGSLEA  at 404.401.3904 or at 770.964.0694.  We look forward to meeting you and Helping you get Back to Leading A Normal Life by wearing garments that restore your dignity, give confidence and aid in your mobility.
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